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Wireless Networks



1. ANYWHERE ANYTIME ACCESS: Imagine if you had full, secure network access to all your business data, applications, and resources from anywhere, on any device, and at any time. Many businesses have extended their office networks to allow themselves, their colleagues, and employees to work from anywhere they may be. The ability to work from anywhere helps your people stay in touch anytime, so they can react quickly to urgent matters. Fact: 93% of all businesses have missed deadlines or experienced project delays because high-level executives were inaccessible, according to research studies.
2. UNTETHERED ACCESS: Your company's employees can be anywhere in your office or campus and still be connected to all the data and applications they need, read and send e-mails. This is truly a paradigm shift where employees are now "untethered" from their fixed desks, and the productivity gains from that are already known to be phenomenal.
3. SECURE EMPLOYEE ACCESS: Imagine if your sales force could access confidential company information, such as customer records, while at a customer's site. They could provide immediate sales quotes, inventory updates, and customer service on the spot. For this, a combination of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) with secure remote connectivity to the company network through Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the solution.
4. SECURE VISITOR ACCESS: what if your business visitors including customers, business partners, contractors, and vendors need access the Internet while they are in your office? That is fine too - WLAN allows them to do that, while at the same time keeping your network and data secure, free from unauthorized access.
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