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Training Services


Once you have established computing, storage, data networking, network security and internet connectivity for your company and staff, you should ensure that they are used correctly and efficiently.
This includes training such as:
  • Best practices for end users on how to be more productive while using the above
  • Awareness to end users on data security issues and how to avoid common pitfalls and security threats during normal usage
  • Training your own IT support staff (if you do have that function) on how to maintain availability of Servers, Storage, LAN, VLAN, WAN, and Internet (e.g. through system and network monitoring tools)
  • Teaching your own IT staff on how to do basic troubleshooting of computing, storage, networking and security equipment
Our experts are available to visit you on-site and deliver these training programs. We can even design tailor made programs for you, depending on your staff's needs.