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1. WIDER PATIENT REACH: Telehealth is a very effective solution that uses the power of modern networking to bring essential healthcare beyond the walls of big hospitals to the wider community - to local hospitals, clinics and corporate campuses. Physicians or Specialists can now provide virtual consultation to patients over a high quality video conference session over the internet. 

2. LESS PATIENT STRESS: Further, this allows major city hospitals to conduct real-time video consultations with patients in their satellite clinics in rural parts of the country. This is a big relief to patients especially children and aged for whom travel to city hospitals can be quite an ordeal. Besides, the already overflowing city hospitals can reduce the out-patients who can be just as effectively treated via the Telehealth solution for majority of cases. A personal physical examination or admission may be recommended based on the outcome as well.

3. REMOTE DIAGNOSTICS: What is even more compelling is that remote patient diagnostics data can be sent at the same time as the patient video to the consultant physician. Diagnosis and decision on therapy and prescription can now be made on real data immediately. Physicians now have an extremely easy-to-use, intuitive, single work-space solution to view patient video and diagnostic data by simply using a regular web browser, and nothing else.

4. EXTENSIVE REMOTE DIAGNOSTIC INSTRUMENTS: Some of these diagnostic instruments capable to send data include the following:
  • Digital General Examination Camera (Video/Pictures of body exterior)
  • Digital 12 Lead Electro Cardiogram - ECG (Heart Rhythm Measurement)
  • Digital Spirometer with Calibration Syringe (Lung Capacity Measurement)
  • Digital Blood Pressure Meter
  • Digital Pulse Oximeter (Blood Oxygen Saturation Level)
  • Digital Temperature Meter
  • Digital Heart Rate Monitor
  • Digital Telephonic Stethoscope (Heart Beat Sound Listening)
  • Digital Otoscope (Ear examination camera)
  • Digital Video Opthalmoscope (Eye & Retina examination camera)
  • Digital Abdominal Ultrasound Probe (Imaging of abdominal internal organs - Liver, Kidney etc.)
  • Digital Vascular Ultrasound Probe (Imaging of Blood Vessels - Veins and Arteries)
5. LOW COST OF INTERNET: An important factor that has enabled Telehealth is that Internet bandwidth speeds have shown drastic increases in the last few years with reliable connections, and at the same time Service Providers are providing very attractive price points to make this solution very viable.

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