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Optical Fiber Communications

We are a Systems Integrator (SI) that designs and executes Integrated Optical Fiber Communications (OFC) System. 

We execute the following types of OFC Systems:

  • Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH): For residences such as villas and apartments
  • Fiber-To-The-Desk (FTTD): For commercial such as offices, hospitals, hotels, resorts etc.
OFC delivers communications signal as light pulses directly to the destination at very high speeds, replacing old copper cables.

We undertake total project ownership to design, build and support the complete FTTH / FTTD infrastructure including OFC Cable and end-point devices. We also liaison with Service Providers to deliver their services through this infrastructure.

Further, FTTH / FTTD delivers multiple services and service providers over the same OFC Infrastructure, without any OFC cable or infrastructure duplication.

Following are the several services that can be delivered to users over our OFC System:
  • High Speed Internet Symmetrical Internet
    • From 1 or more Internet providers simultaneously
  • Landline Telephone 
    • From 1 or more Telephone providers simultaneously
  • Computer Local Area Networking (LAN)
  • WiFi Hot-spots & Access Points
  • Intercom
    • For internal free calls between local extensions
  • Cable TV 
  • Internet TV & IPTV
  • Video Entry System 
    • Video Communication with visitors at main gate or front door prior to entry
  • Camera Surveillance 
    • Security monitoring of home, office and common areas
  • Access Control 
    • For remote door open/lock
  • Smart Home & IoT 
    • IoT in home e.g. Amazon Echo/Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomePod/HomeKit, Xiaomi Mi Smart Home, Philips Hue etc.
  • And many more 
    • Automatic Energy Meter Reading
    • Gas Leak Detection
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Future expansion over the same OFC System
What are the user benefits in our system?
  • Our biggest value is being a one-stop-shop for all communications need for residential developers, communities and commercial spaces.
  • Developers can distinguish and market properties as "Data, Voice & Video Ready" (also known as "Triple Play"), giving their clients excellent value-added features and choices
  • At the same time, end users have a fantastic user experience with all their services ready to go.
What are the technical benefits in our system?
  • We use the shared OFC Infrastructure for delivering multiple services and multiple service providers
    • Therefore no need to lay cables and/or install equipment for each and every service provider or service
    • Results in considerable savings in cabling costs, equipment costs and maintenance costs 
  • High reliability and service quality due to superior cabling methods and smaller footprint
  • Eliminates hundreds of very long copper telephone cables from the old type analogue EPABX to each telephone point
  • Completely eliminates hundreds of copper coaxial cables from CATV equipment to each apartment
  • OFC Systems are immune to lighting strikes, especially in outdoor cabling areas, and therefore very immune to such expensive damages.
Why choose us?
  • Our technical breadth and depth allows us to be full communications systems provider that takes the pain out of builders and communities interfacing with multiple organisations. 
  • We interface directly with all reputed service providers (For Internet, Intercom, Cable TV, Internet TV) and bring them to the premises as part of the project execution.
  • We can customise Video Entry System, Camera Surveillance and Smart Home & IoT for each resident as per their specific requirements.
  • We also take great care in our system design for scale-ability i.e. to reliably accommodate users and services for the present and well into the future.
Examples of projects executed:
  • A 220 acre villa community with 160 villas in Bangalore.
  • Two apartment complexes, 90 apartments each, of a prestigious builder in Trivandrum.
  • One apartment complex, 150 apartments, of a prestigious builder in Kochi
  • One villa complex of upscale villa complex, 15 villas, of a prestigious builder in Kochi
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